Samsung Galaxy S3 US and International edition have got similar external appearances, but internally there have been a quite a lot changes. While the international edition has got the Samsung developed hotly anticipated Exynos 4212 Quad-Core 1.4 GHz with 1 GB of system memory, the US edition comes with Qualcomm’s excellent performer MSM8960 Snapdragon Krait Dual-Core 1.5 GHz with 2 GB of RAM.The SGS3(Intl) features Mali 400 GPU, HSPA+ category 14 with 21.0 Mbps download capability, without LTE support. The SGS3(US) packs Adreno 225 GPU, HSPA+ category 24 of 42.0 Mbps downlink capacity plus LTE radio. The fundamental and significant performance-based differences are found through different renowned benchmarking softwares. In single-threaded benchmarking Pi, SGS3(US) hit the best score 273 and SGS3(intl) got 344.In LinPack (a multi-threaded benchmarking tool) , SGS3(US) scores 182.9 better than the SGS3(intl) which has the 177.1 score point.In Quadrant(CPU+GPU+IO), SGS3(US) hits 5111 and stay below  the SGS3(intl) 5365 in the scoreboard. In NenaMark2 Benchmarking, SGS3(US) barely stay ahead with 59.9 than its SGS3(intl) brother with 58.8. In GLBenchmarking Egypt 720p, the SGS3(intl) grabs the top place by hitting a score of 103 points, topping Apple iPhone 4S and iPad2 and creating a amazing large difference from the SGS3(US) which has got 54 only.SunSpider JavaScript measures the optimization of JavaScript of a single core CPU and doesn’t affected by the number of CPUs. SunSpider gives us wonderful score 1447 for SGS3(intl) better than the SGS3(US) with 1743.In real life using experience users will definitely find and say that Samsung, again, made one hell of a monster computing on-the-go and the device is truly lag free.

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